Pomegranates are delicious. (Pomegranates dipped in chocolate are even more delicious). Extracting all those magnificent morsels is NOT delicious. And now that it’s finally that time of year to partake in this fantastical fruit, we wanted to help you avoid those stained counter tops and worn fingernails by introducing Shoham’s ART. Short for Arils (the seed casings) Removal Tool, the ART is a brilliant concept that anyone can use. The directions tell you to Cover. Hold. Strike. and Eat., but we suspect it’s a little more complicated than that. At the very least, it’s by far a more exciting way to prepare the seed for yourSparkling Berry Punch and Pomegranate Cheesecake. Visit their online store to pick one up and see for yourself.

ART-Arils-Removal-Tool-Pomegranates-WM-Events-Planner-Atlanta-Food-Design ART-Arils-Removal-Tool-Pomegranates-WM-Events


-William Fogler
WM Events

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