Konnichiwa. Ni Hao. Sa-Was-Dee. Magandang Araw. Xin Chao. Greeting your guests is the first step in throwing a stellar Southeast Asian Extravaganza. Though yours may not be elaborate as some Royal Asian Weddings, below we’ve gathered a few inspiring pictures and ideas to throw a Bali-Bash or Singaporean Soiree perfect for you. Let the colors,  culture, and cuisine motivate you to throw on your favorite Kebaya (traditional Cambodian blouse) and host the most amazing Southeast Asian party yet!

Here are lanterns designed for the Chinese Garden at Montreal Botanical Garden’s Le Magie des Lanternes, an annual festival celebrating the tradition of these skillfully handcrafted decorations.

Montreal-Chinese-Lanterns-Photo-Botanical-Gardens-WM-Events WM-Events-Atlanta-Corporate-Event-Planner-Chinese-Lanterns-Montreal-Botanical-Gardens

Chinese-Lanterns-Montreal-Botanical-Garden-WM-Events-Planner-in-Atlanta-GA Montreal-Botanical-Gardens-Chinese-Lanterns-WM-Events

Speaking of lanterns, Thailand celebrates it’s annual Yi Peng Festival by releasing thousands of Khom Fai (floating lanterns) into the sky. The candle inside the rice paper lantern generates enough hot air to gently raise each twinkling light high above the crowd below. Why not add to the night sky with your own Yi Peng Festival?


Traditional music of Southeast Asia is both eclectic and inspiring. Play your guests gong-chime or khim recordings they’re sure to love!


Guests are sure to work up an appetite, so why not offer a traditional Ponorogo Chicken Satay? Javanese street vendors offer these delectable treats of skewered meat or vegetables dipped in sauces (peanut or pineapple, for example) for passerby’s. Of course, noodles, rice, banana leaves, coconuts, and fruits play a large part in SE Asian cuisines.


-William Fogler
WM Events

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