Digital, Distanced, and Virtual Event Planning

WM Events is excited to lead our clients into the world of digital and distanced events. With a team of innovative, conceptual experts who always think several steps ahead of the curve, WM Events is the resource you need to plan, design and execute exciting online, hybrid, and in-person events that ensure the safety and comfort of your guests. Take a look at how we are rapidly adapting to make that a reality…

Planning Possibilities for Digital and Distanced Events


Where We Can Help:

  • Event Types – Conferences, Meetings, Social Gatherings, Celebrations, Weddings, and more
  • Purposes – Messaging, Education, Sales, Networking, Fundraising
  • Venues – Digital, Small Meeting Spaces, Studios, Recording Booths, Ballrooms, Retail, Galleries, Private Homes, Outdoor Spaces



How We Can Help:

  • Developing response plans for all scenarios
  • Coordinating online and virtual events that achieve the goals of stakeholders
  • Maintaining relationships with key government and healthcare departments for guidance and coordination
  • Ensuring sufficient supplies and materials for all participants
  • Detailing load in and load out vendor schedules to limit exposure
  • Mailing safety materials ahead of the events to ensure all guests are protected


Event Design for Distance


Where We Can Help:

  • Flow – Distancing Features, Registration Options, Queuing Solutions, Food & Beverage Safety, Floor Plan & Seating Separation
  • Customization – Protective Masks, Hand Sanitizer, Informational Signage
  • Rentals – Acrylic Barriers, Hand Sanitizing Stations, Rope & Stanchion, No-Touch Solutions
  • Staffing – Door Aides, Sanitizing Valets, Bathroom Attendants, Safety Monitors
  • Graphics – Pre-Event Mailers, Informational Signage, Floor Clings, Branded Giveaways


How We Can Help:

  • Optimizing floorplans for socially distanced guest flow
  • Visually showcasing cleaning methods to ensure guest confidence
  • Incorporating sterilizing and handwashing into event design
  • Displaying clearly marked signage for distancing and wayfinding
  • Implementing touch-free options for event elements
  • Offering physical barriers like partitions and plexiglass that can be branded or used as signage
  • Stylizing spaces for online meetings, recorded content, and in-person gatherings


Event Consulting Considerations for COVID


Where We Can Help:

  • Venue Management – Reimagined Spaces, Footpath Development, Logistic Management, Back of House Flow Path for Food & Beverage and Technical
  • Technical Solutions – Hybrid & Streaming Events, Tech Board Rooms, Software Options
  • Communications – Graphics, Social Media, Signage Design
  • Staffing – Service Level Options, Uniforms Including Masks & Gloves
  • Food & Beverage – ServSafe Guidance, Meals, Snacks & Pre-Packaged Solutions, Vendor Selection, No-Touch Delivery Solutions, Beverage Service Options

How We Can Help:

  • Furthering our portfolio of platforms for meeting variety
  • Suggesting food and beverage options that require less contact and provide more safety
  • Providing safety monitors, sanitizing valets, and door aides to maintain the integrity of the event
  • Securing contact information for guests after the event for easier tracing in the case of an illness
  • Proposing venues and vendors that adhere to safety guidelines
  • Integrating messaging and purpose with in-person, hybrid and online options
  • Managing risks and worst-case scenarios for clients and guests in a holistic manner

   Event Recording Production


Workplace Enhancements


  • Increasing our cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting procedures
  • Prohibiting sick employees and guests in the workplace
  • Rearranging office layout for optimal social distancing
  • Requiring strict handwashing practices that include how and when to wash hands
  • Staggering employee shifts and alternating flow of guests into the office
  • Expanding our safety certifications to all departments
  • Using touch free solutions wherever possible


As you can see, WM Events is committed to keeping you and your guests safe by following national, state, and local health ordinances that make the rules for our new normal. Call us today to transform your events of the past into the experiences of the future.



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