You may remember us saying a while back that one of our favorite Colorado venues to work in was the Denver Art Museum. Ponti Hall’s 5,500 square feet and 25 foot ceilings are a perfect blank canvas to paint your party picture. With cards and dice in hand, we decorated the space for a corporate casino party that impressed and inspired.

Guests were thrown into a sensory spectacle, eagerly tasting all of Kevin Taylor Catering’s delectable dishes, smelling Newberry Brothers‘ bold floral arrangements, and seeing ESP’s spectacular LED light show. Designworks provided beautiful glowing bars that perfectly complimented the tables from Indigo Sky and the linens from BBJ. Meanwhile, casino tables challenged coworkers to duke it out with royal flushes, while Danny Showers‘ jazz ensemble entertained the full house. After grueling roulette and black jack sessions, guests were invited to relax and converse in the luxurious lounge furniture brought it by Denver’s latest addition to the event rental scene, Charming Chairs. Enjoy David Wegwart’s amazing pictures below (more on the corporate page), and feel free to contact us to help you plan your next corporate party!

Denver Art Museum Corporate Event Planner WM Events

WM Events Corporate Party Planner Casino Games Denver Colorado

William Fogler Corporate Event Designer Newberry's Florist Denver

Ponti Hall Denver Art Museum Lounge Furniture WM Events Corporate Designer

WM Events Denver Art Museum Corporate Event

Food Detail Shot WM Events David Wegwart Denver Casino Party

Craps Table Detail Casino Event Party WM Events William Fogler

WM Events Poker Tables Casino Games Denver Corporate Event Planner

Danny Showers WM Events Corporate Event Designer in Denver and Atlanta

WM Events Closeup Guitar Entertainment Ponti Hall Denver

Casino Party Ponti Hall Denver Art Museum WM Events

-William Fogler
WM Events

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