Fall is all around, and even here in the South, it’s time to warm up with a warm cup of your favorite tea. So we’re proclaiming this TEA WEEK in honor of that unique drink served hot or cold, but always with a side of comfort. Now, rather than just reaching for those old bags in your pantry, why not spice it up with a special blend of loose leaves to create a unique taste for those buds? Well, no matter your preference, we’ve got some interesting infusers that are sure to flavor your cup of tea in just the right way. Did we mention they’re environmentally friendly as well? Below are our top picks. Share your thoughts in the comment section!

1. Sharky via Toxel


2. Tea Leaf via Woot Finger Tips


3. Tea Bag via Like Cool


4. Submarine via The Teatropolitan Times


5. Armed with Technology via ModCloth


6. Rubber Duckie via Steamy Kitchen


-Wiliam Fogler
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