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The Denver Post recently interviewed me as a local expert in their Style section. Here’s an except, but be sure to check out the full post. Continue reading

We have a found a great way to transform standard cupcakes into virtually anything – like hamburgers, baby bottles, or sushi! Continue reading

I recently ran into the guys at Inflate at the Event Solutions Convention in Las Vegas, and they had some pretty stellar products to showcase. Here are a few of my favorites. Continue reading

Don’t play with your food! Ok, well maybe you can with these really unique utensils. Today’s blog post is all about fun, and different ways to eat. Continue reading

Patrick Blanc has showcased his work in public and private spaces world wide. The following are our favorite spaces. What are yours? Continue reading

Innovative urban planning projects like The High Line and the vertical gardens of Patrick Blanc have refueled our urban gardening kick. Continue reading

Sometimes you just want one glass of chocolate milk. Next time why not try Magic Milk Straws? Continue reading

There’s never been a better time or creative outlet for interesting applications. What, you ask, are our top 10 favorites? Continue reading

Are you looking for a high tech, interactive and current idea? Pick up your phone and sending a text with Poll Everywhere. Continue reading