Innovative urban planning projects like The High Line in New York’s Funky Chelsea Neighborhood and any of the vertical garden masterpiece Patrick Blanc puts his hand in have refueled our urban gardening kick. Below are some really innovative ways to integrate small town green into your big city lifestyle. How have you brought the outside in? Comment below- we’d love to hear from you!

1. Balcony Flower Bags

Made from a biological cotton, the “hanging gardens” by az&mut, are cloth bags that are a good solution for planting balcony plants and flowers. Doubling as a fashion accessory, they simplify the transportation of greenery from the florist or nursery. A new smaller concept of the ‘hanging garden’ can also act as a means of preventing excess packaging, which occurs when you buy flowers in a standard pot.

Hanging Garden WM Events Hanging Garden Bag WM Events

2. Vegetables on Aisle Three

“The Farm Proper” is a mobile, urban farm under development by interdisciplinary creative studio set & drift in collaboration with mi-workshop in San Diego. Maintained by artists, designers and backyard growers, this experimental project uses abandoned and repurposed shopping carts as the main tool in growing organic vegetables.

Shopping Cart Planters WM Events Reuse Shopping Carts WM Events

3. Packing up for Eating In

Eindhoven-based Italian designer Gionata Gatto of studio atùppertù‘s “Urbanbuds” project showcases a portable garden, shaped in the form of movable suitcases and filled with soil. Each one of them allows the growth of about thirty-six different plants, which can sprout vertically along the fabric. The design of this project involves the metaphor of a suitcase as a symbol of cultural background.

Urban Buds Planters WM Events Urban Buds Suitcase Planters WM Events

4. Art Lives

Mosstika is the studio of Edina Tokodi who creates artwork from plants. For her artwork, Tokodi uses the growing material to create silhouettes and other designs that she often installs on the street. her latest project moves in a new direction, integrating a wood frame and irrigation system to create a living wall. The project was installed in Brooklyn earlier this year and features a large
wooden frame that is layered over a field of green succulent plants.

Rooftop Urban Garden WM Events Rooftop Urban Garden WM Events

-William Fogler
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