With an expected 50% smartphone penetration in the mobile market by the end of this year, there’s never been a better time or creative outlet for interesting applications. Obviously we use our Facebook and Twitter apps daily, but here are some other fun and innovative ways to use your smartphone. Our top 10 list runs the gammit from wacky to scientific to helpful in just a few short strokes. What is your favorite app? What can’t you live without? Leave your comments below.

1. RuPaul’s Dragulator

Snap a fierce head shot or upload one from your photos library. Then line up your face by resizing and positioning your photo. Next, glam up your eyelids and lashes, pick your lips and mouth, apply some blush, choose some earrings. And don’t forget the wig! Play around with your look as much as you want! Finally, upload your completed image to Facebook and Twitter, email it to a friend, and save it to your photos library

Ru Paul's Dragulator WM Events   Ru Paul's Dragulator 2 WM Events


Available for the iPhone and Android systems, this fun and helpful app will pay for your phone in no time! For a quick and easy 50% off your favorite restaurants, salons, and boutiques around town just show the specific deal when you’re checking out. There are also great return perks and quirky write ups to tell you what kind of pricing and specials to expect. Use the “Nearby” option to find out which deals are closest to your actual location.

Scout Mob Mobile App WM Events    Scout Mob Mobile WM Events

3.Run Keeper Pro

Track the time, distance, speed, pace, calories, and path on a map for their fitness activities using your GPS enabled mobile device. The RunKeeper Pro running app lets you track your workout performance over time, while connecting with your friends to make your workouts social (if you want). This motivating app has GPS activity tracking, manual activity tracking, audio interval cues, iPod integration, activity sharing on Twitter and Facebook, and data syncs with RunKeeper.com. What a smart way to get in shape.

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Enjoy the fantastically fun game you know and love with stunning HD-quality graphics, quick, easy play and incredible exclusive features. America’s favorite word game is a smart phone essential – now more than ever!

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5.Google Sky Map

Point your phone at the sky, and Google Sky Map will show the stars, planets, constellations, and more to help you identify the celestial objects in view. You can also browse the skies in manual mode. Users can zoom in and out, and switch various layers such as constellations, planets, grids, and deep sky objects, on and off, choosing to make these elements visible or not. Users can also determine the locations of planets and stars relative to their own current locations with the search function. Inputting the name of a planet or star will direct users towards this object.

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6.Key Ring

Key Ring is the app that “brings ’em all together”. Use it to scan & store your existing loyalty cards, enroll in new loyalty programs, and access exclusive coupons and discounts. Key Ring is a free app and was created to provide people with a hassle free solution to save time and money while on the go. No more wasting time fumbling with your keys. No more wasting space on your key ring. Problems solved!

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We talked about Square a while back. And we’re still in love with it. A must have for any small business or yard seller, Square is now processing millions of dollars in mobile transactions every week. Set up shop and simply swipe or key in the card number and you can easily charge debit and credit cards from your phone. You can even accept cash! The deposit is secure, immediate, and even offers paperless receipts with a google maps tag of where the purchase took place. Customers can leave a tip in the tip jar and see all of your beautiful items just like they would in a real store.

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Now you can listen to Pandora on your mobile phone – in the car, at the gym, on the train – wherever and whenever you’re in the mood to listen to great music. Enjoy all the stations you’ve created on the web – and create new ones right from your mobile phone. You can also rate songs using thumbs up and thumbs down, and bookmark favorite artists and songs. Pandora on your phone is fully integrated with Pandora on the web, so everything you create, rate or bookmark on the phone also appears the next time you’re back on the web.

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Really any piano app will do. From concert pianists to curious cats, these apps have captured the imagination of the world. Create your own music or enjoy the free classic and popular tunes. No practice or patience required! You can even record and playback your own tunes- a perfect way to teach someone how to play a song, or waste time at the DMV.

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10.What The Font

Ever seen a great font in a magazine ad, poster, or on the web and wondered what font it is? Whip out your iPhone and snap a photo, and WhatTheFont for iPhone will identify that font in seconds! WhatTheFont for iPhone connects directly to MyFonts’ acclaimed font identification service, which has been helping customers pinpoint mystery fonts for 10 years. Get your font fix right there on the spot.

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