WM Events wants to put in our two SCENTS on how to make your upcoming affair appropriately aromatic! BLEND is a custom parfum studio with locations all over the world (including one in Atlanta) that creates custom fragrances with individuals, groups, brides, and organizations.  Their Custom Formulation Process is a patented interview procedure which takes into consideration a client’s total sensory history, chemistry, lifestyle, origin and more to assist in designing a fragrance that is uniquely their own. Custom packaging and distribution services are also available. BLEND has worked with celebrities, Royal families, delegates, and even designed an official fragrance for the country of Lithuania!
Blend Parfum Studio WM Events
BLEND offers fragrance parties whereby each guest can create their own petite 20 ml bottle of custom scent. With a minimum of 4 people, these parties are popular for birthdays, girls nights out, anniversaries, bridal showers, attendant appreciation and more. BLEND can even recreate discontinued or hard to find favorite scents in perfume, body lotions, shower gel, soaps and powders.
Blend Parfum WM Events

-William Fogler
WM Events

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