Whether you call them Snap Tags or QR codes, these hi-tech symbols are poppin up everywhere.  The quick read code is a fun, technologically savvy, and free way to attract users to a number of different kinds of messaging. After being scanned on a smart phone, the bar code link to a text message, a website url, a contact (VCard), a calendar event (VCalendar), a GPS Location, or even a Paypal “Buy Now” site.

QR Code Merchandise Hat WM Events WM Events QR Code QR Code Merchandise WM Events

Easily customizable in shape, size, and color the possibilities are endless, especially for events . Websites like www.qrstuff.com offer easy to use generators that take less than a minute to complete.

Consider incorporating the codes into your event to deliver contact information, free gifts, or marketing information. Let WM Events help incorporate this and other hi-tech ideas into your next event.

-William Fogler
WM Events

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