WM Events is super excited to have guest blogger Laurice Shelven from Muder Mystery Maniac’s host-a-murder.com offer her excellent advice about how to engage guests at your next event. The nationwide event company has helped host over 50,000 guests since 2003, and won’t stop anytime soon. A refreshing take at mystery party planners, these “Maniacs” offer a full range of options for your next event. So remember to keep these tips in mind as you conjure up ideas for your upcoming party!

Host A Murder 1920's WM Events

When planning events for organizations and large groups of people, you run the risk of losing engagement from some of your guests. No matter what your theme may be, or how much research you have conducted, to produce the perfect party for your guests, 100% satisfaction is a challenge, but not impossible. Selecting themes that actively engage guests are a sure way to gain participation. Themes that require guests to dress up or play a character allow everyone to make the event exactly what they want it to be. It also ensures that your guests are mixing and mingling. These events are perfect for networking groups and company parties and are great ways to add a unique spin to private events as well. These events may seem limited but think outside of the box and get creative. Here are a few theme suggestions for your next networking, corporate or private event:

• Decade themes are always a blast. Guests enjoy shopping for their costumes just as much as they enjoy the event themselves. The 20s are my favorite!

• Reality T.V. seems to produce some of our favorite characters these days. Allow your guests to become their favorite reality T.V. celebrity or create a character that’s all their own.

• For a more conservative crowd, try an international theme that allows guests to represent different countries around the world. Make it an elegant affair with guests dressed diverse eveningwear.

-Laurice C. Shelven
Murder Mystery Maniacs, Inc.

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