Accepting payments can be a difficult hassle, with expensive machines and high percentage fees, the credit card companies don’t make it very easy- and cash can be just as messy. With no monthly fees, contracts, set up fees, monthly minimums, or expensive card readers, the Square is a wonderful option for small businesses, not for profits, and individuals.

Square Up Reader WM Events Smart Phone Card Reader WM Events

The Square works with Apple and Android products, simply swipe or key in the card number and you can easily charge debit and credit cards from your phone. You can even accept cash! The deposit is secure, immediate, and even offers paperless receipts with a google maps tag of where the purchase took place. Customers can leave a tip in the tip jar and see all of your beautiful items just like they would in a real store.  Finally, a high-tech and stress free way to host that raffle, garage sale, or craft store you’ve been starting on the side. Let WM Events assist you with incorporating the Square into making more at your next funraiser by using the Square.

Square Card Reader WM Events

-William Fogler
WM Events

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