Don’t play with your food! Ok, well maybe you can with these really unique utensils. Today’s blog post is all about fun, and different ways to eat. These are great additions to your bar and bat mitzvahs, birthday parties, and fun celebrations. Don’t feel like you have to settle for traditional silverware when the place setting more obviously calls for a wild, inventive option!

1. The Chork

The Chork is cost-effective for restaurant owners and engaging for everyone from chopstick aficionados to virtual newbies. Use the Chork as a fork, as chopsticks, or as a chopstick trainer! These are great for a large party serving Asian cuisine  because everyone can use them!

Chork WM Events

2. Join Cutlery

Slawinski’s  2011 Interior Innovation Award Winning design comes with instructions. This creative approach transforms the common utensil into a decorative piece that will both delight and puzzle your guests. In 8 different colors, you’ll be sure to find a Join set that matches your party.


3. Foodle

Great for a kid’s birthday party, Foodle brings oodles of fun to doodling on the dinner table. The set consists of fork, knife and spoon heads that fit snugly over color pencils, and a pad of paper place mats that double up as a doodle board.


4. Link Kitchen Tool

Link is a practical and simple kitchen utensil that can change different utensils into gripping devices by attaching a flexible plastic hinge. With this ingenious little device, two forks can be combined as an salad tong or two knifes as an barbecue tong. It’s the perfect little contraption.


-William Fogler
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