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Founded in Los Angeles in 1992, Diavolo is comprised of dancers, gymnasts, athletes, and actors that enrapture audiences around the world. Continue reading

Accepting payments can be a difficult hassle. The credit card companies don’t make it very easy nor affordable- and cash can be just as messy. Continue reading

QR Codes are a fun, technologically savvy, and free way to attract users to a number of different kinds of messaging. Continue reading

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This past weekend WM Events teamed up with Peachtree Tents and Events to create a Casablanca display for The Next Cool Thing. Continue reading

We’re loving all the chalk boards we see everywhere. Here are 5 excellent ideas on how to incorporate them into your next party. Continue reading

If you are like me and have had enough of cupcakes in every flavor and arrangement possible – the it’s pie time! Continue reading

We’ve been seeing a lot of brides using wedding ring bowls, and we love it! We were sure to incorporate this customized copper one. Continue reading