Once we’re done celebrating Independence Day with our favorite aerial spectacles, we often look around wondering what the next cause for celebration will be. So we’ve compiled a list of interesting festivities in July with a corresponding theme, so you can get your party fix while you wait for the Holidays to roll around. Here goes…

July 14th – Bastille Day

Why celebrate only one Independence day this year? The French stormed the prison in 1749 and have been celebrating ever since. So why not join in on La Fête Nationale with some baguettes, red wine, fireworks, and a stroll down the Champs-Élysées. French pop music is fun to have in the background to liven the scene and fill the silence. Let them eat cake with festive red, white, and blue icing. Je voudrais célébrer avec vous!


July 23rd – Anniversary of Ford’s 1st Car Sale

Last year Ford sold 5.5 million vehicles. That’s a lot. A great way to celebrate the accomplishments of this all-American car company is to throw a Fiesta in their honor. A taco assembly line pays tribute Ford’s revolutionary technique of mass production. Cupcakes or cookies with Model T’s are a sweet treat for your guests. You will want to Focus on games and activities that are pleasing to all ages, like an Explorer scavenger hunt!

Ford Model T WM Events

July 29th – Tim Gunn’s Birthday

Make it work! Celebrating the birthday of a style guru like the Gunn is a quirky way to let the inner Klum run wild. Mini fashion challenges are fun and creative activities that will be fun for everyone. Who can make the best evening gown out of streamers and balloons? Have a runway show of your own- either with your favorite outfits, or make special hats or t-shirts to strut your stuff in.  Watch reruns of your favorite Project Runways and score the dresses as if you were the celebrity judges. Remember,food and fashion go hand in hand.

Tim Gunn Project Runway WM Events

-William Fogler
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