Although neon colors and neon lighting have been popular for a couple years now, their vibrancy and ability to impart a sense of excitement and positivity have made them even hotter today. Celebrities and influencers love wearing neon colors. Off the body, we’re using custom neon lighting for big brands that have messages to share and want to make a bold statement in their event décor.

Neon signs first gained mass popularity in the 1920s, and neon apparel became all the rage in the 1980s. But it’s gone from being part of pop culture, to an haute couture trend.

Colors have a significant effect on a person’s mood, and neon is a sure cure to the dull mindset of being kept inside for too long. There are plenty of opportunities to appreciate neon, and we’ve noticed that people around the world have started to agree.

WM Events UGA Neon Lighting WM Events UGA Neon Lighting

WM Events UGA Neon Lighting WM Events UGA Neon Lighting WM Events UGA Neon Lighting

Here are some reasons we love incorporating neon – as a palette or a light fixture – into our events:

  1. A Rainbow of Colors: Neon is available a wide range of colors, which means a sign or light element can be made to complement any brand or event theme.
  2. Ultimate Visibility: “I didn’t see that neon sign,” said no one ever. Corporate hosts, event sponsors and guests of honor all want their messaging or logo to be seen, and neon has the ability to make sure everyone at the event will take notice.

WM Events Neon Lights  WM Events Neon Lights

3. Glowing Light: From neon glowsticks to cubes, poles and everything in between, we use neon to bring soft light to a room.

4. Energy: Bright, bold neon colors bring an unbeatable vibe to a room. When we know an event is meant to get guests excited – that could be anything from a bar/bat mitzvah to an annual sales launch – neon is one of our go-to options for sparking enthusiasm.

WM Events Neon Lights WM Events Neon Lights WM Events Neon Lights

5. Customization: A neon sign makes it real. Makes it official. And because neon can be personalized into just about any shape or size, it helps us take messaging from concept to reality.

Neon is back, baby! And we are loving every bright, colorful, glowing minute of it.



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