Don’t you hate it when you attend an event and you have to wait for everyone or even the photographer to upload their photos from it? Upshot can cut down that wait time to just 3 minutes! The most intriguing part of this app is that you don’t even have to take your photos in the app in order to have them shared.

Upshot uses your camera, and after a short 3 minutes is able to upload your photos for other users at the event to have access to them. Users can view, download, share, like and comment on the photos in the stream. But they better act quick if they want to save the moments because the stream will disappear a week after the event is over. The stream can be synced up to a Facebook group so even non-users have access to the photos.

This could just be the next best photography option for those Mitzvahs and the new trend of using your friends and family as your wedding photographer!

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