Last year, we introduced you to 5 next-level photo booths. Each unique with their features and sleek design, these photo booths are sure to vamp up your guests’ experience regardless of the event. But what happens when the line builds up at these fun photo booths when guests are waiting for their photos? PhotoTap has completely eliminated this!

PhotoTap, in Hollywood, Florida, is one of a kind being that it’s the first of it’s kind! Guests will receive a wristband/lanyard that contains their Facebook, Twitter and/or email accounts. Once a PhotoTap photographer snaps the photo, they simply tap the wristband/lanyard with with the photographer’s scanner. BOOM! The photo is instantly sent to whichever accounts have been set up on that particular device.

The creativity of this photo experience doesn’t stop there. A logo can easily be added to photos and a hashtag can be paired as well. This company has thought of nearly everything to create a seamless photo booth for every kind of event. It’s almost as if they’re the paparazzi of the party!

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