2015 is about to be over and we have seen and put on some incredible events! But what should we expect from the event world and event designers, such as us here at WM Events, in 2016?

One thing that the event world is breaking into is technology. The way event design and the event itself can provide an experience as a whole, especially with technology. Technology can enhance an event from the photo booth to the video mapping of the conference. There could be 3D printing demos or even virtual reality games. Technology is an incredible way to keep your audience engaged and always provides a fresh approach to an event.

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Branding is another huge thing that will continue to take over the event world in 2016. Branding guidelines are up and coming with how the design of the event can be executed because a personal experience has become critical, especially with millennials. An event can be branded simply with customized pillowsmenus, GOBOs, or with over-sized letters spelling out the company’s name. The brilliance of branding your event is that whether it’s subtle or not, guests are sure to know who you are.


Lastly, one thing we pride ourselves in at WM Events is that we are a one-stop-shop. This is definitely something that is becoming a trend that we will see more of in 2016. Event designers are taking charge and becoming their own florists and their own vendors. Being a one-stop-shop is incredibly beneficial for you, as a client, because you’re dealing with us and only us- meaning there is less of connecting the dots and connecting various vendors with your event planner.

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