As the world continues to spin, one of the largest generations in history is about to move into their prime spending years. This generation of creative and tech-savvy giants will alter the ways we buy and sell, driving businesses to examine how they operate for decades to come. The question is: How do we prepare for this new generation?

Millennial’s are…

  • Considered to be born in years ranging from 1981-2000
  • Financially aware
  • Believers in relaxed work environments
  • Enthusiasts of a unique and sustainable experiences
  • Less about luxury, and more about the experience

To a millennial, a fulfilling life is centered around sharing memories.

Technology: Stay Connected.

Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and other social media sites are a daily part of the millennial’s routine.  Since they spend much of their time with technology, it is vital to maintain visually appealing and easy to navigate websites. Millennials are more likely to respond to quick, easy-to-operate surveys about their experience at your event vs. an open ended question survey.

Corporate: Appeal To Their Sense Of Adventure.

Because they have always had technology at the edge of their fingertips, keeping this group actively engaged can be a task. Competitive and team building games are very important to include in your events to keep this audience interested and focused. They are more likely to retain the memory of an interactive experience over a lengthy lecture.

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Since this generation is more environmentally friendly, tangible rewards are not always the best option. Embracing the idea of electronic giveaways and prizes that support their techno-fueled lives is the best way to go for millennials.

Some of these items could be:

  • Phone chargers
  • USB memory sticks
  • Headphones
  • Phone cases

Branding these items with your company’s logo is a great way to bring exposure to your company, months after the event. They will thank you for adding to their already immense collection of gadgets, and always have your company in mind.

Weddings: Get Personal.

Growing up with pictures and ideas at the click of a button has left this generation exploring more, and ready to create more unique and tailored events. So be prepared to take out the drawing board. A millennial wedding will be more about personal style than luxury. Since birth, they’ve been engulfed in the stand out, DIY era, so you should expect that they will want to do more for themselves. Although millennials constantly consider their budget, the desire for involvement is due to a need for self-expression rather than penny pinching. Every romance has a story, and by the time this generation reaches their desired age of marriage, they will be ready to reveal their story through every aspect of the wedding.

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Bottom Line:

Since this generation is so focused on experiences, in the near future, they will be looking to hold more events. These are America’s future doctors, lawyers, teachers, and business owners and they will be traveling more than ever. The more unique experiences and memories that you can create for this generation, the greater chance that you will have at obtaining a faithful client.

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