Whether you’re celebrating Veteran’s Day11/11/11, or just Friday, today is the perfect Fall day to stop and relax for half a second. And ok. We may be going a little overboard with the tea thing, but it’s a serious comfort drink that a lot of people are serious about. To be honest, we’re just a little excited about the first onset of cold weather. Here it Atlanta, it always happens much later than our northern counterparts, and we’ve been a little jealous. So we’re wrapping up the week of with a slew of special additions to your tea-drinking traditions. These cool design finds are perfect for stocking stuffers, welcome baskets, or corporate take-aways.  Have you ever tried the products below? Tell us in the comments!

White Teas via Republic of Tea

Tea Top Brew Travel Mug via Mighty Leaf

Might-Leaf-Tea-Top-Brew-Travel-Mug-WM-Events-Inspiration-Atlanta-Party-Planner Might-Leaf-Tea-Top-Brew-Travel-Mug-Closeup-Detail-WM-Events-Inspiration-Atlanta-Party-Planner

Sugar Time Capsules via Erez Bar-Am



-William Fogler
WM Events

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