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The WM Events team’s latest kick is infusing color and creativity in our designs with ribbon sculptures. Continue reading

Most of you know by now that WM Events is the contracted designer for Affairs to Remember, Atlanta’s most delicious caterer. Continue reading

The Showroom re-design at Affairs to Remember is especially exciting this time around, because of the local flavor we added to the mix. Continue reading

Ever wish you could attend some of the spectacular parties that we plan? Well now you can!!! Continue reading

Remember that stunning rehearsal dinner we planned? Well, here is the bigger and badder corporate version of the living communal table. Continue reading

Imagine if Designing Women (minus shoulder pads & big hair) moved to Savannah and updated to 2012, and that’s the world of Satchel. Continue reading

Stay With It was a chance for students to rub elbows with some of the most accomplished engineers in their fields. Continue reading

Phew…. This month has been intense- and we’re only half way done with our events for March. Continue reading

This week, we’re turning our eyes and ears to a couple amazing lighting designers for some great advice. Continue reading