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After a day full of work and conferencing, night two was a night full of excitement with a party at Ventanas! Continue reading

This three-day conference began the night before the first session at the Four Seasons.
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This three-day conference, followed by a different event each night, was one of the most exhilarating things WM Events has ever done. Continue reading

Annually held at the Ritz-Carlton, WM Events has now put on three conferences for a large financial firm. Continue reading

This Around the World event was unlike any other. In just one night, guests traveled from Atlanta, GA all the way to Greece, Japan and London! Continue reading

Juxtaposing classic Southern charm with modern urban beats: jazz n’ juleps, honey suckles n’ highballs, and bluegrass n’ BBQ. Continue reading

This after party was a sexy and whimsical, period-styled noir affair that amazed the attendees. Continue reading

Consider these helpful tips for taking your holiday party planning to the next level. Continue reading

C4 Atlanta is a stunning new event space on a mission to support local artists. Continue reading