Phew…. This month has been intense- and we’re only half way done with our events for March. You’ve probably seen some interesting photos on our Facebook and Twitter pages about all the WM Events adventures lately. Last week, we produced an event at GA Tech Engineering students with the help of Intel and the White House. It was such a blast! Then, this past Sunday night we threw a 70th Birthday Party for Mrs. Rennie at the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art. We’re not slowing down any time soon, that’s for sure. Be sure to keep following as we finish out March with a bang!

WM Events Team Chalking Intel Ga Tech Stay With It Engineering William Fogler

WM Events Intel Day of Engineering William Fogler GA Tech Event Planner

Rennie Moran's Birthday Party WM Events William Fogler Colorado Social Event Planner

-William Folger
WM Events

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