We all know that flowers are beautiful. But, it turns out, the inside of a flower is equally as beautiful! Singapore based photographer, Brendan Fitzpatrick had a brilliant idea for a subject. He took these colorful floral x-rays at a radiography lab, followed by a few rounds of image editing and color correction in Photoshop to reach the final results you see here. You can head over to Society6 to pick up a few prints of your own. It makes me wonder what else would look this wonderful through an x-ray.

Brandon-Fitzpatrick-X-Ray-Flower-Calla-Lily-WM-Events-William-Fogler-Event-Designer-Corporate-in-Atlanta     Brandon-Fitzpatrick-X-Ray-Flower-Hibiscus-WM-Events-William-Fogler-Corporate-Atlanta-Event-Designer

Brandon-Fitzpatrick-X-Ray-Flower-Rose-WM-Events-William-Fogler-Corporate-Atlanta-Event-Designer-768x1024   Brandon-Fitzpatrick-X-Ray-Flower-Blushing-Bride-Floral-WM-Events-William-Fogler-Wedding-Planner-in-Atlanta-and-Denver

Brandon-Fitzpatrick-X-Ray-Flower-Tulip-WM-Events-William-Fogler-Denver-Floral-Mitzvah-Planner    Brandon-Fitzpatrick-X-Ray-Flower-Orchid-WM-Events-William-Fogler-Event-Planner

-William Fogler
WM Events

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