The Showroom re-design at Affairs to Remember is especially exciting this time around, because of the local flavor we added to the mix. Beginning with re-purposed, adding a dash of upcycled, and mixing in a cup of vintage modern, we transformed the vault space at the Atlanta catering company into a high-style recycle center.

The spool table sits front and center an industrial piece of art. Recently crafted from an actual wire spool found here in West Midtown, these tables are the perfect piece for your next party. Even better, top the tables with these rustic wood risers made from actual shipping pallets. This look represents a current trend which incorporates industrial pieces into an elegant motif. We’ve also featured Dwayne Bass’ Rubblox furniture, a line of upcycled, shredded rubber molded into cylinders, cubes and benches. And let’s not forget the GIANT wooden frame which we’ve decorated here with ribbon in a geometric pattern, but could easily house your step and repeat or chalk drawing. Of course, all of these statement pieces are available from our friends at Peachtree Tents and Events.

Beyond the big pieces in the room, we’ve added a few vintage finds from around town to spice up the scenery. Porcelain birds painted white, antique Atlanta-themed bar wear, lamp shade skeletons, and milk glass vases all add that touch of whimsy to a fun, eclectic room. Let us know if WM Events can help you design your next function.

5-12WM-Events-Affairs-to-Remember-Spring-2012-Showroom-Vault-Entrance-Piece-Atlanta-Event-Designer    WM-Events-Affairs-to-Remember-Spring-2012-Showroom-Vault-Giant-Frame-PTE-Ribbon-Treatment-Detail1






WM-Events-Affairs-to-Remember-Spring-2012-Showroom-Vault-Side-Vignette-Upcycled-Glass-Globes WM-Events-Affairs-to-Remember-Spring-2012-Showroom-Vault-Hanging-Globe-Flower-Balls-Corporate-Event-Designer-in-Atlanta-Georgia


WM-Events-Affairs-to-Remember-Spring-2012-Showroom-Vault-Repurposed-White-and-Green-Vignette-Vintage-Modern-Event-Planner-in-Atlanta WM-Events-Affairs-to-Remember-Spring-2012-Showroom-Vault-Repurposed-White-and-Green-Vignette-Vintage-Modern

-William Fogler
WM Events

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