Have you heard? Our favorite theater-loving, Italian-speaking, street art aficionado Leigh Clemmons, CMP, has a new title – Sales and Design Director. To celebrate her (much-deserved) promotion, we have asked her 20 important questions so that everyone can get to know a bit more about what makes her tick. Or TikTok. We’ll see.

    1. Where did you grow up? Augusta, Georgia – though, technically, a smaller town just outside of Augusta called Martinez. Pronounced mart-in-EZ.
    2. What is your favorite ice cream flavor?  I love all types of ice cream. It’s my No. 1 favorite thing in the whole world. If I’m having it at home, I’m probably going with Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough in a cup with a little milk poured on top. If I’m walking to our local, neighborhood spot, Big Softie, then it’s a waffle cone of vanilla soft serve with cornflake streusel. If I’m going for gelato, then it’s two scoops of Stracciatella in a cup. And if William wants to eat nearby for lunch, and I can convince him we have time to wait in line at Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams, then it’s one scoop of Salted Peanut Butter with Chocolate Flecks and one scoop of Brown Butter Almond Brittle. Like I said, I love ice cream.
      WM Events Leigh Clemmons, CMP  WM Events Leigh Clemmons, CMP  WM Events Leigh Clemmons, CMP
    3. Are you a morning person or a night owl? Night Owl! Actually, when I studied abroad, some of the students in my program created a fun night of superlatives towards the end of the semester. And I won the award for “Night Owl.” It’s not my crowning achievement, but it’s definitely the most fitting.
    4. How did you get your start working in events? The fun story is that I called William two weeks after I graduated college and said, “Hi, I want to work for you.”The nuanced version is that I graduated at the height of the last recession with a background in Theater. Because Theater is eventful, and events are theatrical, this industry was a perfect fit for me. I do not believe higher education is job-training (because it isn’t!), but the myriad of different skills I learned building sets, designing lighting plans, directing plays, stage managing, and acting in productions have been invaluable to me in my events career.
    5. What did earning your certified meeting planner (CMP) designation mean to you? Having the CMP designation meant that I was now playing in the same league as some of my clients and colleagues who are truly the best planners I have ever met. It also shows a dedication to staying on top of trends and industry standards. I’ve always worked on the agency side of planning, so hearing the perspectives from Corporate and Association planners reframes my thinking about the industry.
    6. What is your favorite party theme? One of my favorite things about event design and event planning is that you can draw inspiration from ANYWHERE. I once wrote a proposal based on Beyonce’s Coachella performance. (Did you know there’s a linen that looks exactly like those fringe unicorn boots she wore?). So I would say my favorite party theme is one that surprises me, or one I haven’t seen yet. One where you go, “Ohhhhh, I see what they were doing here.” I also love a theme that evolves over time or from room to room – like our Old South New South event at the Freight Depot. It showed the dichotomy of Atlanta so well with it’s Hip-Hop DJ Battle, Front Porch Rocking Chairs, and Tented Garden Party.
      WM Events Leigh Clemmons, CMP  WM Events Leigh Clemmons, CMP  WM Events Leigh Clemmons, CMP
    7. What is the last great book you read? There is a great publication I read called “Lapham’s Quarterly.” Every issue focuses on a single topic with writings, excerpts, and artwork from a range of authors and other known figures. One of the most recent issues was about all things Technology, and the contributors included Leonardo Da Vinci, Mark Twain, Sophocles, (even Ted Kaczynski!), plus a lot of writers I’ve never heard of. These quarterly topics of conversation are always exposing me to new ideas and framing old ideas in a new light.
    8. Do you follow any sports? I was a competitive swimmer growing up, so team sports weren’t tooooootally my thing. But now I cheer for all my favorite sports clients – UGA Football, Atlanta Hawks, Atlanta United and the Atlanta Falcons. Special shout out to the Atlanta Braves in the World Series! And if Simon Biles is flipping (and sticking the landing without breaking a sweat) then I’m watching her. She’s the absolute Greatest. Period. Ever.
    9. What is your favorite flower? Dahlias. Hands down. They add so much dimension to floral arrangements and stand on their own. I love the range of colors they come in, and because they’re a late summer/early fall flower, they signify that the weather is possibly getting a little cooler. Phew.
    10. How many events have you worked on during the past 11 years? I’ve actually counted – more than 750.
    11. What do you most value in a friend? Someone who can make me laugh and is spontaneous. I love a quick wit, but I also want someone to go with me to a last-minute party or concert.
    12. If you could have dinner with anyone, who would it be? Can I choose two? I think Charles Barkley and Dolly Parton would make excellent dinner guests. The three of us would probably be just trying to outdo each other with ever sentence.
    13. What is your favorite appetizer or passed hors d’oeuvre? I can’t resist a Devil’s on Horseback when it’s on the menu or passes by.
    14. Name one object you would need to have with you on a deserted island. Solar-powered ice cream maker? Just kidding. It would absolutely be the New York Times Crossword app.
      WM Events Leigh Clemmons, CMP WM Events Leigh Clemmons, CMP WM Events Leigh Clemmons, CMP
    15. Do you have a favorite Italian word or phrase? It would have to be in bocca al lupo – it literally translates to “In the mouth of the wolf.” But it really means “good luck” or “break a leg.”
    16. Where do you see yourself in 11 years? Using my lottery winnings to travel the world.
    17. What is your favorite season? Not so much a season, but I really love September. The days are still long, and it’s finally cooling off a little bit. Plus, the humidity drops, so my hair is a little less Diana Ross.
    18. If you could raid the closet of any celeb, whose would it be? Probably David Rose from “Schitt’s Creek.”
    19. What is your favorite holiday? I love New Year’s Eve because it normally means the crazy 4th quarter of events are over. Everyone else stays up late with me. Most people have the next day off. Black, gold, and silver look good on everyone. Plus, Champagne.
    20. Which film/s do you find aesthetically inspiring? I really love sketchy, line drawing animated movies like “The Triplets of Bellville” or “101 Dalmatians.” There’s just something about that style that makes my brain happy. But I can’t answer a question about favorite films without mentioning “Clueless.” As if. 
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