Ron, William, Irene

With Ron and my mother Irene

When I moved to Atlanta in 2004, I was fortunate to meet Ron Lazarus, who became a rock in my world. It was with a sad heart that I learned of his passing this month, but I am so grateful to have known him. This blog is dedicated to the memory of a man who was a true force in Atlanta catering and events, and a personal mentor and friend.

With Scott Ardolino, Ron founded Affairs to Remember Caterers in 1977, which quickly became much more than a caterer and is now simply known as Affairs to Remember. Nearly 30 years later, I relocated to Atlanta from Denver, and it was Ron who gave me one of my first big opportunities with my new company WM Events. I was brought on as the contract designer for Affairs.

I questioned claiming the title of “event designer” at the time – wasn’t I a planner? Ron had an answer.

“Honey, if they want you to design, design,” he said.

This visionary, who could predict trends in style, color and design, boosted my confidence many times throughout the years. He once told me I had golden hands that created beautiful things.

As a friend, Ron was kind, encouraging, direct and loving. I treasure the time I was able to spend getting to know him. The photo above of Ron, my mother and me is one I hold dear. They have both passed on, but their spirits remain with me.

The following is excepted from Ron’s obituary and offers a glimpse of the lovely person he was:

Ron Lazarus died on June 5, 2021 in Atlanta. In Ron’s own words: Lasting for a lifetime. Our journey continues in business and devoted lasting friendships forever. Building a successful business, Affairs to Remember Caterers, these 43 years has brought us the joys of so many wonderful friends and employees along with bringing joy to clients on their special life moments. Seeing the growth of a young business into a respected entity in the Atlanta hospitality market, managed by wonderfully committed and creative individuals is a joyful and satisfying tribute to so many. I leave this earth a grateful man. I have experienced great love in my life. My spouse of 22 years, John Wise, has always been by my side in sickness and in health. We have shared so very much in our time together – true love. My dear friend Scott Ardolino by my side in our life’s journey – true friendship and love. Friendships and love for decades. Special friends have made life a beautiful experience of living. 

– William

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