Who remembers the excitement of getting a birthday card in the mail? The knowledge that someone was thinking about you days before it arrived shows consideration and kindness that makes us feel cared for and important. Even if today we are more likely to be waiting for Amazon Prime delivery, it’s no secret that envelopes and packages symbolize possibilities.

During the era of COVID-19, social distancing and virtual events, sending guests a special delivery can immediately help them feel connected. Whether a package contains snacks or libations to enjoy during the event, a treat that will enable participation in a live event feature, or fun event swag that would typically be given out on-site, pre-event mailings let your guests know that they are part of something, not just watching TV at home alone.

Here are some of our favorite concepts for creating connections with virtual guests by sending advance deliveries.

Printed and Electronic Materials

This is not the time to skimp on any interaction you can have with meeting and event guests. Ramp up your invitations, confirmations, and anything else you send. It may be the only non-virtual opportunity you have. With everyone’s high-tech expectations these days, you could also explore sending recorded pieces with special messages guests can watch or listen to. Get them excited in advance about the virtual event offerings to come.

We crafted a proposal for a client to develop a video bi-fold brochure that looked great thanks to four-color, offset printing on heavy card stock. Event better, it had a built-in LCD video display that allowed recipients to see and hear the client’s messaging. The brochure included buttons to navigate the video, such as play, pause, replay and volume controls.

Invitations WM Events Invitations WM Events

Noshes, Meals and Toasts

There is nothing like mixing, mingling and enjoying passed hors d’oeuvres. Or sitting down to a four-course meal prepared by a renowned chef. How about ambling up to the open bar and ordering a specialty cocktail? Just because your event has gone virtual, your guests don’t need to miss out on these culinary experiences.

Give your guests the luxury treatment with delivered prepared meals and cocktail kits. For a less formal event, send snacks. A bottle of wine to enjoy with dinner or even champagne for celebrating together will mark the virtual event as a truly special occasion. There are so many food and beverage delivery options available now, why not take advantage of them? And don’t forget dessert!

Food Baskets WM Events Food Baskets WM Events Food Baskets WM Events 

Interactive Items

Every host wants insight on the strategies for upping attendee involvement during virtual events. Shipping items in advance and dedicating a portion of the event to letting everyone use those items simultaneously offers an excellent chance to create host-guest connections. When it comes to adding interactive elements, you could send a puzzle to solve, a craft to make, or a game to play together. We’ve also noticed, and maybe you have too, that people love to eat. And drink.

We hit it out of the park when guests received gift cards for specialty craft beers before a national sales event. During the live webinar, our emcee hosted a tasting with each brew, asking guests to sip along. Although we chose beer for this baseball-theme event, tastings could include anything from bourbon to cheese to chocolates or any other delicious option that fits the event’s audience and theme.

Craft WM Events Craft WM Events Craft WM Events

Branded Swag, Baby

Did you know people really like receiving those fun and functional items from booths at conferences, check-in tables at events, and gift bags at the door? There is no better way to get your audience thinking about you and your event day after day than to have them looking at it on their coffee cup every morning. When virtual event gift bags are simply a digital page of clickable coupons, audience interest wanes.

Instead, pull together a fun mailing of the physical stuff people want and use – then ship it to your guests prior to the virtual event. You’ll get much more buy-in during the event. Think broadly from branded notebooks to write down information gleaned from the webinar to dress-up party supplies like feather boas for a fundraiser.

Branded Swag WM Events  Branded Swag WM Events   Branded Swag WM Events

Parting Gifts

Providing guests with delivered goodies before an event can boost engagement, but don’t neglect the all-important post-event touchpoint. Every good hostess (and host) knows that you don’t send your guests home empty-handed. Mailing a physical thank you note or following up with a “hostess gift” provides a meaningful way to show your attendees you appreciate the time they spent with you.

Hostess Gift WM Events  Hostess Gift WM Events   Hostess Gift WM Events

It might be a while before we can all be together again. But in the meantime, let the USPS, UPS, DHL, Uber Eats, and maybe even Amazon, serve as your ambassador of connectivity. Of course, we can make it all happen for you! Learn more here.

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