There are a lot of words we’ve heard enough of in 2020, but one of those words is not “party” (unless it’s attached to the adjective “political,” of course). With social distancing guidelines and lots of other COVID-19 safety recommendations, this has not been the year of parties.

And yet, our need for togetherness has only been amplified by the coronavirus pandemic. When some great clients came to us with a desire to hold a celebration to raise spirits during a dark time, and they had a large lakeside estate to host it on, we knew we could provide a setting that was not only the spectacular level of party we’re known for at WM Events, but also safe for guests.

After all, we’re still the life of the party, we just had to reimagine what that party looks like.

Here are the 5W’s of this safe pandemic celebration:


We had been working with our clients to plan this celebration for more than a year. When COVID-19 began, we made some major pivots and kept the party going. After designing a custom logo for the family, we managed save the dates and invitations. Sometimes that means stamping and mailing, but in this case, it meant many, many calls and lots of follow-up with guests to discuss safety protocols, logistics and arrangements. We were inspired by the lengths our client went to so that guests would feel comfortable, safe and appreciated.

At the lakeside, link-side, poolside property in a private country club, we took advantage of the spacious outdoor area to create an event floorplan with plenty of room for guests to stay 6 feet apart from those outside their immediate circle.

Poolside Party WM Events Lounge Seating WM Events Snack Bar WM Events

A large tent and dance floor welcomed Rupert’s Orchestra, a nationally recognized band known for exciting performances at Rupert’s Nightclub in Atlanta. We decorated the lawn with strings of market lights, wrapped smaller bushes and trees with topiary lights and floated a dozen illuminated glow orbs in the pool.

Farm tables covered the existing firepit to create a large grazing station for guests, while chef-attended stations allowed guests to order dishes one at a time. Mixed outdoor furniture provided everyone with ample comfortable seating options, while a stylish topiary bar tied in with the party décor.

Live Music WM Events Pool Party WM Events Globes in Pool WM Events


In the case of this party, the venue took on heightened importance because the outdoor location and spacious property on North Georgia’s scenic Lake Oconee offered ample room to really stretch out.

Upon arrival, guests were greeted by glow orbs displayed across the lawn and trees wrapped in lights. We placed a self-service champagne wall near the entrance, and the pathway to the main event was illuminated with lanterns.

Potted plants and floral arrangements set the lush tone. We used a peach and orange palette to complement the natural surroundings and accented existing furniture with pillows branded with the family’s logo.

Exterior Lighting WM Events Branded Linens WM Events Sanitizing Station WM Events Champagne Wall WM Events


 Although we had a rain contingency plan, we didn’t need it. The September weather that evening rested in the upper 70s, perfect for this outdoor affair.

Hostess Gifts WM Events Goodie Bag WM Events Globes in Pool WM Events


In all, the party welcomed 120 family friends and relatives, all present to add some light and life back into the world. To commemorate the spectacular gathering, we added a photo op space with fun props at the end of the pool area. Guests also went home with custom stainless-steel wine glasses and tagged goodie bags overflowing with sweets.


This has been a difficult year. Our gracious clients wanted to recognize some personal milestones and celebrate with those they love.

Interior Residential Styling with WM Events Interior Residential Styling with WM Events Interior Residential Styling with WM Events

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