ATLANTA (Dec. 8, 2017) – Whether it’s a hurricane, an icy winter storm or an unnatural disaster, event planners are often faced with situations beyond their control that can have serious effects on even perfectly planned events. Today, emergency preparedness needs to go beyond the typical Plan B because disaster can strike in many forms. 

We start emergency preparedness by always being ready for an unexpected change in the weather, something that happens often in Atlanta,” said Leigh Clemmons, CMP, event designer and communications at Atlanta-based event design firm WM Events. “We’ve had many weddings and outdoor events moved inside due to rain showers, but last season’s hurricane frenzy threw some new challenges our way. When a large storm looms, it’s easy to follow it on the news in advance.” 

The overarching recommendation is to stay aware of what is happening in the world and in the weather at all times so that you can see problems coming before they arrive. 

“During the Atlanta ‘Snowpocalypse’ of 2014, our client was hosting a conference at a Midtown hotel,” said Clemmons. “We made sure all of the guests remained onsite so that they would not get stranded. Luckily, deliveries were able to make it to the hotel by taking already plowed roads through the city. After installing the party, our team remained at the hotel, too. It turned out to be a fun and effective event, but if we had not kept an eye on the weather and prepared accordingly, we might have a different story to tell.”

Days before the event is the right time for event planners and even individuals hosting private events to take stock of where vendors and products need to travel from and adjust if necessary. They should also consider attendees and guests who might travel to the event. Could the guest count be affected?  

For one particular event, Clemmons and WM Events had to reorder all of the flowers for centerpieces because Hurricane Irma was heading for Miami, the East Coast’s largest shipping hub of fresh flora. The team quickly switched gears and vendors and had them sent to Atlanta from California. 

While it’s impossible to be prepared for every disaster, and sometimes simply reacting is the only option, expertly handling life’s (and nature’s) curveballs can keep planned events right on schedule. 

About WM Events

WM Events was founded in 2004 by award-winning designer, planner and consultant William Fogler. With offices in Atlanta and Denver, WM Events is a full service event planning and design firm that handles corporate events, high-end social affairs, weddings and any other sort of intimate or monumental happening. WM Events is located at 767 Trabert Avenue, Atlanta, Georgia 30318 and can be reached at 678-251-6363 or by visiting


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