There’s something about edible versions of traditionally non-nutritious items that makes me feel like a kid again. Wait a minute- I can eat this? And that’s exactly where the enjoyment and practicality comes in with these great Edible Asian Spoons by  Edibles by Jack.

Developed 14 years ago, these innovative additions were the solution to a catering problem. They were created out of a need to wait for a server to come back around in order to dispose of a serving spoon in a passed food situation. In 2003, they were awarded the first ever prestigious CATIE (Catered Arts Through Innovative Excellence) award. Of course, we also love them because we hate doing dishes!

Today, these spoons come in a 10 varieties with room to customize, so there’s an Edible Asian Spoon for every occasion! A sleeve of 36 spoons will run you about $30 plus shipping and handling, but can last up to 6 months. Currently, they are able to turn around any order within two days. So, let WM Events help plan your next party that will surprise and excite your guests!

Coconut-Curry-Edible-Spoon-by-Jack-WM-Events Poppy-Seed-Edible-Spoon-by-Jacks-WM-Events



-William Fogler
WM Events

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