Do you check in with Kickstarter often? Because if not, you’re doing yourself a disservice. Filled with creative ideas and worthy causes, Kickstarter bridges the gap between great ideas and great funding. Our most recent love is the Wear You Live collection of city map soft goods. Shirts, Prints, Pillows, and Totes branded with the figure ground maps of over 11 cities (Atlanta and Denver included!) across the United States let you show off your favorite metros with pride. The most creative touch, however is the pin button you can attach to the products (seen below in the tote picture). Luckily, the WYL team has already met and exceeded their backing goal. So go ahead over to the site and wear where you live!

Wear-You-Live-Denver-T-Shirt-WM-Events Wear-You-Live-Atlanta-T-Shirt-WM-Events1

Wear-You-Live-City-Map-WM-Events Wear-You-Live-Pin-Tote-Chicago-WM-Events

-William Fogler
WM Events

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