When it comes to choosing a wedding shoe, there are limitless options. You shouldn’t feel confined to a white, satin heel these days. For instance, NinaShoes.com offers you a chance to design your own footwear, selecting from among 7 different styles and different colors. Or perhaps your wedding dress needs a hot set of cowboy boots to accent your outdoor wedding. You can also try a laid back approach with some converse kicks! And last, but certainly not least, your wedding is the perfect chance to splurge on that pair of Manolo’s you’ve been keeping your eye on for months. No matter what you choose, make sure they compliment your dress and are comfortable enough to make it through the entire event.

Nina Shoes Design Possibilities WM Events

via NinaShoes.com

Wedding Shoe Cowboy Boots WM Events

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Converse Wedding Shoe Possibilities WM Events

via Kelly Oshiro Design

Manolo Shoe Option 1 WM Events Manolo Shoe Option 2 WM Events Manolo Shoe Option 3 WM Events Manolo Shoe Option 4 WM Events

via Barney’s

-William Fogler
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