Here’s the second basket in our Welcome Basket Series, the gift we have displayed here is a beautifully coordinated surprise for the guests. The bride chose to continue her fall inspired color theme of reds, oranges, and browns in this custom welcome basket. Recipients of the gift were pleasantly surprised when they checked into their hotel room to find such a wonderfully helpful and reusable present.

Basket Contents:
Spiced Pecans
Maple Leaf Sugar Cookies
Organic Pears
Candied Apple
Pumpkin Muffins
Custom, Branded Tote Bag

Autumn Inspired Welcome Gift Basket WM Events

Spiced Pecan Gift Basket Contents WM Events Autumn Maple Leaf Sugar Cookies WM Events Organic Pear Gift WM Events Delicious Candied Apple WM Events Autumn Welcome Basket Pumpkin Muffin WM Events Custom Branded Canvas Gift Tote Bag Wm Events

-William Fogler
WM Events




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