The wedding favor is an excellent way to make one last statement about your wedding style.  It is, however, one of the last things a busy bride-to-be thinks about before her big day.  Here, at WM Events, we have found three distinct ways to leave a lasting impression on your guests.

Affairs To Remember Showroom WM Events

Displayed in a candy bar, an assortment of classic candies like Double Bubble and Dum Dums creates a nostalgic feeling at the end of the evening.  These treats can be found almost anywhere.  Choose sweets that you and your fiancé crave, or pick them based on color to match your wedding palette.  Your guests will leave with sweet memories of you and your wedding.

It’s time to dance the night away.  By supplying these chic but cozy slippers, your guests can slip into something a little more comfortable.  They are available in a variety of colors and are affordable at just $3 a pair.  We found ours at  Tie each pair together with a ribbon and display them in baskets according to size.  You can even offer a Shoe Check.  Your guests and their feet will thank you.

There is love in the air, but there is also a little bit of a chill.  These soft and stylish pashminas will be a welcomed surprise.  They are sure to fit everyone and will keep even your coolest guest warm.  Peach Couture,, offers them in almost every color for $9.95 each.  You can roll and stack them on a silver platter for a luxurious display.  Your guests will be reminded of your hospitality each time they wear their pashmina in the future.

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