Celebrating the Democratic National Convention in my home town with my mother, Irene, was a fantastic experience.  This was the 100th anniversary of Denver hosting the event and also my mom’s 75th birthday.

Our experience began with great displays of political freedom amid rallys and protests in Civic Center Park.  With civic pride in the air, we spent the day discovering all that this historic event had to offer.  Concerts, parades, eco-festivals and thousands of people made for a fantastic first day.

Actress Lynn Whitfield and Irene WM Events  
Actress Lynn Whitfield and Irene
Hillary Clinton DNC Denver WM Events Rally

Throughout the week we enjoyed a rally with Hilary Clinton and benefits with Chevy Chase and a few other Hollywood favorites.  This experience with my best friend, my mother, was very dear to me. The joy of sharing once in a lifetime moments with those you love is so very special.  They are the moments in time that you will cherish forever.

Family DNC Denver WM Events
My mother Irene and niece Evan Simpson celebrating at the DNC in Denver this summer. This picture was taken right after our one Kennedy sighting of the week.


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