I have the distinct pleasure of being invited to work with a favorite clients upcoming wedding in Beverly Hills.  While the WM Events team is not directly involved with any of the amazing design or planning of this spectacular affair, I am honored to be asked to pitch in with the team to help produce the event.

Leigh and Robert are hanging back in the ATL while I jet off to the Los Angeles Four Seasons for a fun-filled, wedding experience like none other. Stay tuned for the full report and social updates along the way.


WM-Events-California-Wedding-Planner-Atlanta-William-Fogler-Succulents-Destination-Wedding-Management    WM-Events-California-Wedding-Planner-Atlanta-William-Fogler-Heart-Four-Seasons-Beverly-Hills-Hotel-Succulents-Destination-Wedding-Management

WM-Events-California-Wedding-Planner-Atlanta-William-Fogler-Succulents-Destination-Management    WM-Events-California-Wedding-Planner-Atlanta-William-Fogler

-William Fogler
WM Events

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