Happy Birthday dear Golden Gaaaaaattteeeeee. Happy Birthday to you.  You may not know that the instantly recognizable bridge recently celebrated the big 7-5! But if you’re looking to commemorate the California landmark in style, there’s no better way than with house wares made from pieces of the actual bridge.

San Francisco-based furniture company, Golden Gate Bridge Furniture Company opened in 1994 when the owner and Bay Area native, Richard Bulan crafted pieces of the recently replaced hand rails into head boards. 56 years of wind and salt air damage had weakened the steels structural integrity, but not its aesthetic integrity. Check out the pictures below to see the full line of furniture crafted from that icon International Orange steel that stretches 1.7 miles across the bar.

Golden Gate Bridge 75th Anniversary Celebration WM Events William Fogler Event Designer Destination Management   Golden Gate Bridge 75th Anniversary Celebration Fireworks Lights Effects WM Events William Fogler Event Designer Destination Management

09Golden_Gate_Bridge_Custom_Artistic_Furniture_Coffee_Table-William-Fogler-WM-Events   Golden_Gate_Bridge_Custom_Artistic_Furniture_Side_Table_b-William-Fogler-WM-Events WM Events William Fogler

02Golden_Gate_Bridge_Custom_Artistic_Furniture_Night_Table-William-Fogler-WM-Events   03Golden_Gate_Bridge_Custom_Artistic_Furniture_Cocktail_Table-William-Fogler-WM-Events

Golden_Gate_Bridge_Custom_Artistic_Furniture_Headboard-WM-Events-William-Fogler-Event-Planner   Golden_Gate_Bridge_Custom_Artistic_Furniture_Task_Lamp_Full_Front-William-Fogler-WM-Events

-William Fogler
WM Events

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