Our garden was bountiful last summer!

Check out the size of the tomato plants- some grew to be 7′ tall, producing the most outrageously beautiful tomatoes I’ve ever seen. These plants have a longer growing season and love the heat, so they’re perfect for our backyard here in Atlanta. Also, tomato consumption has been linked with decreased risks of breast cancer and may protect against  neurodegenerative diseases.

Bountiful Garden WM Events

The rows of okra were reminiscent of a secret garden– what a great party theme that would be!

Secret Garden WM Events

The multitude of colors and forms that each plant has during its maturation is so inspiring and gives me great ideas for future events. Nature pairs color so well- the green and burgundy of the okra is magnificent. What a great color scheme for a wedding!

Colorful Okra WM Events

Look back to our previous entry on adding a touch of green to your wedding here.

-William Fogler
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