While creating beautiful environments and planning unforgettable events, it is important to continually think of ways to move towards a greener lifestyle. As we’re getting geared up for this summer season, let’s take a retrospective look at what was accomplished last summer.

Mantis Twin Compost WM Events

A year ago my neighbor gave me the ultimate in composters- the Mantis Twin.

The idea of creating my own rich soil that would benefit my garden and add another green component to my family’s lifestyle really thrilled me.

This would cut back on landfill waste while providing a wonderful supplement for our plants and vegetables.

Composting is the decomposition of organic household wastes and plants into a rich healthy soil enriched with all the goodness of the materials that are put into it. The idea is to replenish the earth with the proteins and the nutrients that have been stripped from it.

With great enthusiasm, I combined the proper amounts of carbon (dried stuff like leaves, cardboard, and shredded paper), nitrogen (vegetable scraps, weeds, and grass clippings), oxygen (for oxydizing carbon), and water. This natural combination of materials produces a chemical reaction and causes the breakdown.

I even added our dryer lint, old bread, pasta, and moldy cheese. Here’s a list of 75 Things You Can Compost, But Thought You Couldn’t.

Mantis Twin Inside WM Events

It is important to think of the things we all can do that replenish ourselves and this beautiful earth we live on.

-William Fogler
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