Today we’re trading in our Prada sunglasses for laboratory goggles- you know, for that scientific look! Planning parties that have that unmistakable wow factor rely on a lot of physics, chemistry, and biology. This is the first post in a series on the science behind planning parties, and today we’re studying oasis!


Created by Smithers-Oasis in 1954, floral foam is a  spongy,  green, water-absorbing foam that provides support and nutrients for live floral arranging. Readily available at craft and gardening stores everywhere, it usually comes in simple shapes like bricks or spheres, but can be easily carved into different configurations depending on the usage. Oasis is biologically structured very much like real flowers in that it has capillaries that pull water to the surface and upwards. This action is crucial for plants and flowers to receive the nutrients they need, and is more effective than submersing the stems in water alone. For example, a stem inserted 1″ into a 4″ piece of floral foam is actually increasing the length of the stem by 3″. Amazingly, one brick can hold a full 2 quarts or more than 40 times its weight in water!


However, there are also environmental factors one should take into consideration before using oasis. Always be conscious of not wasting the floral foam, because it is not easily reusable and can contain damaging chemicals. If you can, find ways to avoid using items like oasis that are tossed out after an event, adding to the landfill. At our fabulous organic wedding in Boulder, we arranged florals in vintage silver containers and used floral tape rather than synthetic foam. Make your party the oasis!

And now for your pop quiz- kidding! Leave comments in the section below, or link to pictures of your awesome floral arrangements!


-William Fogler
WM Events

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