Here at WM Events, we plan and coordinate a lot of events that require Step and Repeats. They are perfect for corporate and social events alike because they are completely customizable and add that extra spark to any party entrance. Nothing makes guests feel more like movie stars than having their picture taken on a red carpet!

Specifically, Step and Repeats are backdrops that display sponsor logos and event graphics for photographic purposes. Because the sponsor’s interests are often paramount to the event, these images are usually arranged in a diagonally alternating pattern so that they can be seen despite the person posing in front of the display. They can be made from a variety of materials like vinyl or gator-board, depending on the needs of the event. Also, printers can have very specific requirements, so it’s best to let a professional help you design your Step and Repeat

Below are photos of a few S&R’s we have done over the past year. Call us to plan your next red carpet event!

1. Atlanta Corporate Event

Equifax Step and Repeat WM Events

Equifax Corporate Step and Repeat WM Events

2. Denver CSI Themed Bar Mitzvah

Shelanski Step and Repeat Social WM Events Shilanski Step and Repeat Photography Booth WM Events

3. Atlanta Not For Profit Annual Gala

Caring For Others Step and Repeat WM Events

Caring For Others Annual Gala Step and Repeat WM Events

4. Atlanta Not For Profit Annual Ball

Digital Ball Charity Step and Repeat WM Events

Digital Ball Gala Step and Repeat WM Events

-William Fogler
WM Events

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