LSI:Denver was a curiously themed bat mitzvah celebrating a young lady’s love of the popular show CSI.

WM Events designed a contemporary scene incorporating sleek plexiglass sets, elaborate LED lighting, and lab elements all with a touch of hot pink and orange.

Details included invisible ink escort cards, a candy lab, handwriting analysis and mug shots.  A studio makeup room provided faux wounds and groovy do’s for everyone’s photos.  Wow factors included video footage of the honoree as a detective and a shout out from the CSI:NY cast.

All service staff wore custom LSI:Denver branded lab coats, while microscopic menus with magnifying glasses offered the dinner selection.

The main suspects on the scene were:

David Wegwart’s PhotocraftzNewberry Brothers FloristScenographicsStarPro ProductionsShowTek Productions, and A Custom Look Photography.

LSI Entrance Decoration WM Events LSI Seating Cards WM Events LSI Dance Floor Decoration WM Events Lily's Stage LED Display WM Events LSI Room Decor WM Events     LSI Catering Staff Lab Coats Idea WM Events LSI Napkin and Magnifying Glass WM Events LSI Plate Stencil Design WM Events Food Detail WM Events LSI Denver Candy Lab WM Events Photo Props WM Events Planner LSI Photo Booth Inspiration WM Events

-William Fogler
WM Events

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