The garden that I share with my mother is truly a joy.  Each flower is like a jewel in nature’s treasure chest. It amazes me how beautiful the flowers from the vegetables ca be as they produce their edible fruits. The garden plants are of course spectacular too, bursting with brilliance throughout the growing season. As with great event design, the garden offers surprises and delights to its guests’ amazement. It is this garden which inspires my wedding design and event designs.

Here are just a few pics from my garden this season.

Flower 1 Gardening WM Events

Summer Squash Blossom with a bee

Flower 2 Gardening WM Events

Okra blossom

Flower 3 Gardening WM Events

Crepe myrtle

Flower 4 Gardening WM Events


Flower 6 Gardening WM Events


Flower 6 Gardening WM Events


Flower 7 Gardening WM Events

Canna Lillies

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