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Atlanta ALWAYS has something going on. This past weekend we took it to Edgewood to visit The Beehive’s warehouse sale. Continue reading

Plantable paper is a type of eco-friendly paper made from recycled materials with seeds actually lodged in the fiber of the paper. Continue reading

We’re kicking off Garden Week to celebrate all things horticulture. And first up is a fun alternative to plain seeds: SeedBallz. Continue reading

There’s something about edible versions of traditionally non-nutritious items that makes me feel like a kid again. Wait a minute- I can eat this? Continue reading

Wear You Live is a collection of city map soft goods- Shirts, Prints, Pillows, etc branded with maps of over 11 cities (Atl & Denver included!) Continue reading

Etsy shop, Melangerienyc, created quirky invites that feature a nostalgic viewmaster with custom picture reel and insert card. Continue reading

From Alligators to quills to antlers to olive branches, these functional pencils make a great (and thematic!) gift for practically everyone. Continue reading

We’re back! ….physically at least. I hope you were following all the Facebook and Twitter action over the last week because it was intense. Continue reading

We’ve packed our bags and are heading out the door this minute! Vegas will never know what hit it after our destination wedding renewal. Continue reading