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We’ve been going full steam ahead in January. Our favorite event so far is a corporate dinner at the Ritz Carlton Reynolds Plantation. Continue reading

We hope you all loved our living table from the NACE Design Trends competition that we posted earlier this week. The table was created using succulents. Continue reading

Congratulations to the Peachtree Tents and Events Table Top at the NACE Design Trends competition and the Bridal Extravaganza. Continue reading

the average Atlantan and the world at large might not know of a certain gem in the heart of downtown known as AmericasMart. Continue reading

It’s that time again! Flipping the showroom at Affairs to Remember is a great exercise for us as designers. Continue reading

We decided to play off Chipotle’s recently announced Southeast Asian concept, and create an experience employees would love. Continue reading

Cameras have been shrinking for years. But what if they became so thin, they weren’t there anymore? Continue reading

2011 was certainly a year for celebrating absurdities (read: Charlie Sheen’s Tiger Blood), and incredible changes (Lybia, anyone?). Continue reading

This landmark year brought 32 Legacy Moms back to join the 8 new Pink Power Moms in a spectacular 5 Year Anniversary spectacular. Continue reading