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I have the distinct pleasure of being invited to work with a favorite clients upcoming wedding in Beverly Hills. Continue reading

´╗┐Imagine if Designing Women (minus shoulder pads & big hair) moved to Savannah and updated to 2012, and that’s the world of Satchel. Continue reading

We originally fell in love with the Etsy shop, frittsrosenow, when we first saw their Does Not Compute Boutonniere a while back. Continue reading

This week, we’re turning our eyes and ears to a couple amazing lighting designers for some great advice. Continue reading

Happy Valentine’s Day!!! We hope you and your sweetheart are having a fantastic February 14th. Continue reading

Sometimes breaking the vocabulary wall in the lighting world can do wonders in the eventual success of an event. Continue reading

We hope you all loved our living table from the NACE Design Trends competition that we posted earlier this week. The table was created using succulents. Continue reading

Cameras have been shrinking for years. But what if they became so thin, they weren’t there anymore? Continue reading

ToDryFor certainly has the down low on everything aesthetic and absorbent. These towels are the perfect gift Continue reading