Cameras have been shrinking for years. But what if they became so thin, they weren’t there anymore? That’s what Yeon Su Kim’s Air Clicker prototype strives to do. With two simple rings you wear on one hand, this camera looks more like a jewelry accessory than a state of the art photographic device for space-saving shutter bugs.


Here’s how it works. The lense is situated on the thumb ring, and activates using the silicon sensor on the pointer finger. So, when you would have bent your finger to press a physical shutter release button, you’re instead just pressing the air. The two rings sync up and take a picture, which is then wirelessly sent to your phone. Voila! Also, a prolonged tension in the ringer finger sensor will change the camera to video mode like in the picture below. I wish this technology would hurry up so I could save some pocket space. How much would you pay for something like this?


-William Fogler
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