At the end of a major multi-day corporate conference in Nashville, our client wanted to show attendees an even better time. We had designed and planned the events at the conference hotel, and we were called upon to make the party happen too. We got everyone out of the city to enjoy the beautiful Tennessee countryside, but we brought urban style with us. 

Welcoming 700 guests to Diamond Creek Farms, an expansive property with 100 acres and an indoor-outdoor event venue, we combined Nashville neon with Broadway glitz, treating the client’s top customers and sales reps to the best Music City has to offer just 10 miles away. 

From the concept to the flowers, this party kept a cohesive look with the early conference days but revved it up with over-the-top and oversized features. We had so much space to play with, one of our biggest challenges was maintaining a level of togetherness, which we accomplished through the use of dedicated vignettes and activity areas. And because it wouldn’t be Tennessee without a nod to the Queen of Country, the Smoky Mountain Songbird, the one and only Dolly Parton, we included a special inspired performance too.  


WM Events Corporate Event Nashville    

Destination Farm Country 

We handled every aspect of the event from scheduling transportation from the conference to the farm, event design and execution, entertainment booking, and catering coordination. This started with transportation, as we needed to get the 700 attendees from Nashville to Diamond Creek Farms. We reserved 12 Motor Coaches and picked up the participants at the Gaylord Opryland Resort & Convention Center where the conference had been taking place. The short, scenic drive to the farm set the tone for an outdoor celebration that highlighted the fresh Southern air.

Outdoor Decor 

Using the same bright color scheme we had incorporated into the conference, we brought colorful neon décor to the beautiful farm, which included many, many flowers. From centerpieces with bold combinations of red, pink, yellow, and orange surrounding mini neon music notes to wall-scaling arrangements more intense than a peacock, the farm was bursting with color.   

We decorated an existing outdoor frame (think skeleton of a tent) by suspending multiple groupings of variously sized disco balls and stringing market lights around the entire perimeter. Beneath this elevated structure, we centered small round tables draped with brightly colored metallic linens and surrounded by Ghost chairs, while high top tables in sequined fabric lined the perimeter. We brought this same colorful, glitzy look to the venue’s covered patio, topping each table with lusciously hued centerpieces.

WM Events Corporate Event Nashville  WM Events Corporate Event Nashville    WM Events Corporate Event Nashville

A Splashy Interior

Inside the venue, seating options were extended to lounge groupings featuring bold velvety sofas and chairs, and we never held back on combining colors – fuchsia chairs paired with an emerald sofa were dotted with pillows in black, white, and deep purple. More high-top tables draped with glittering black and silver linens faced the stage, which maintained the look with its fully sequined riser. 

To complement so much saturation and bring in a dose of sleek, Broadway-style glamor, we also included seating areas with silver sofas and mirrored coffee tables, as well as tall white communal tables with Ghost stools and lines of single-bud centerpieces in slim glass vases. Bars were unobtrusively black with black linens on the back bar, which provided a perfect backdrop to boldly colored florals and numerous neon signs depicting cowboys, boots, and the Nashville skyline.

WM Events Corporate Event Nashville  WM Events Corporate Event Nashville  WM Events Corporate Event Nashville

WM Events Corporate Event Nashville  WM Events Corporate Event Nashville  WM Events Corporate Event Nashville

Green Acres

Having splashed color throughout the venue, we set our sights on the acreage surrounding it. Across the lawn, we created similar settings to those we had placed within the structures – there were small groups of communal tables with Ghost stools and lounge groupings with royal blue velvet sofas and Ghost armchairs holding fuchsia pillows. To light these outdoor spaces, we used glowing orb lights that appeared to defy gravity as they extended from their pyramid bases. 

The goal with the outdoor areas was to create special vignettes and seating to allow for small group conversations and bonding even within the massive open space. A second stage was set up outside and dotted by a handful of tables, highboys, and white Adirondack chairs. We added market lights to the stage and used the same bright linens and centerpieces on the tables.

   WM Events Corporate Event Nashville  WM Events Corporate Event Nashville

Photo Op Glam

In addition to the many decked-out functional spaces, we included a variety of photo ops that strongly highlighted the location and theme of the event. Complementing the references to cowboys, musical images were featured throughout, such as the neon music notes in the centerpieces. We also included multiple guitar images, beginning with the overall event logo, which offered a variation on a theme from the conference event graphic – that graphic had also driven the colors selected for the design of this event.

One of the favorite photo spots was a sculpture feature on the lawn crafted from a giant disco ball surrounded by many smaller ones. To these, we added a neon guitar and a cowboy boot, massive fronds painted in bright colors, and a bevy of roses in pink, red, blue, yellow, and orange. Taking the idea of this sculpture mobile were two performers in mirrored catsuits with silver cowboy boots and disco ball headwear. Another much-used photo spot was the massive existing frame the size of a goalpost on the farm’s lawn. We dressed up its corners with colorful florals and a disco ball arrangement.

That’s Entertainment

We included a variety of types of entertainment to take people through day into evening – a dance hall, a dueling piano club, a lounge, and a firepit where a guitarist played old country songs. Each of these aspects added to the visual appeal and authentic feel, as well as providing entertainment. Perhaps nothing accomplished that dual purpose more than the Dolly Parton impersonator, who reminded everyone that Nashville was very nearby. The evening ended with a fireworks show we designed, which was the perfect final note for this high-end neon extravaganza.  

   WM Events Corporate Event Nashville

WM Events Corporate Event Nashville  WM Events Corporate Event Nashville  WM Events Corporate Event Nashville 

 WM Events Corporate Event Nashville

The neon, bright colors, disco balls, sleek furniture, and market lights looked great when the guests arrived in the afternoon. But when the sun set, it was truly spectacular – glowing features and colored lights were everywhere. Nashville and Broadway had truly made it to the farm!

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